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C-Complete Powder 81 g Powder (44016)

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Price: $31.96
Item Number: 44016
Brand: Innate Response
Manufacturer Part No: 44016
Condition: New
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C Complete Powder is a full spectrum formula exclusively developed by Innate that incorporates FoodState vitamin C and a plethora of vitamin C rich whole food concentrates.
The necessity for whole food in this formula is due to the fact that vitamin C does not work alone but rather as a synergistic network that inherently contains an array of supportive phytochemical compounds, enzymes and other cofactors.
This combination of nutrients delivers potent immune support as well as a myriad of beneficial bioflavonoids known to have nutritive activity in the body.
This formula is naturally buffered and therefore gentle on the stomach and less acidic than vitamin C alone.
C Complete Powder is a premier biologically active formula to promote overall wellness and support a healthy immune response. Vital for Life Most animals can synthesize their own vitamin C from glucose, but humans are an exception to this ability.
Therefore, daily dietary intake of this necessary nutrient becomes ever more im
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