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Equi-Fem 252 Tablets Biotics Research

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Equi-Fem 252 Tablets by Biotics Research
Price: $53.43
Item Number: 5306
Brand: Biotics Research
Manufacturer Part No: mpn 5306
Condition: New
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 A supplement like Equi-Fem™ by Biotics Research may be a natural source of female hormone support. It contains a comprehensive blend of multi-vitamins and minerals that support the functions of the endocrine system and associated organ systems. This supplement may relieve symptoms like excessive perspiration with little risk of serious side effects.
Each tablet of Equi-Fem™ provides 42 biochemical nutrients‚ such as:
Vitamins like A‚ C‚ D‚ E‚ and K‚ as well as coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10)—which are efficient antioxidants (toxin removers) that support a wide range of cellular activities and potentially relieve some physical symptoms of menopause.
B complex vitamins like B1‚ B2‚ B3‚ B12‚ biotin‚ folate‚ and pantothenic acid—which provide a range of health benefits; they support the actions of the endocrine and central nervous systems‚ while also working to relieve symptoms of fatigue‚ anxiety‚ and irritability.
Citrus bioflavonoids from fruits—powerful antioxidants that act to strengthen cell structure and promote cell growth‚ while also supporting hormone-releasing glands.
Minerals like calcium‚ magnesium‚ potassium‚ zinc‚ iodine‚ selenium‚ chromium‚ molybdeum‚ iron‚ and manganese—important to your hormonal and electrolyte balance‚ while possibly relieving your PMS symptoms.
Enzymes like protease‚ lipase‚ and amylase—which support the digestion and effective delivery of nutrients to your cells.

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