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Niatab 500 mg 100 tabs (NTB)

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Price: $13.40
Item Number: NTB
Brand: Douglas Labs
Manufacturer Part No: NTB
Niatab 500 mg 100 tabs
Discontinued by Emerson:Niatab, an "AMNI Original Formula", comes in a new Douglas Labs label. (AMNI is part of Douglas Labs).Niatab 500 tablets, provided by Advanced Medical Nutrition, slowly release 500 mg of pure niacin. Sustained release niacin is better tolerated than regular crystalline high-potency niacin supplements. Niatab 500 is a scored uncoated tablet which can be broken in half when lower dosage is desired.
Each scored tablet contains:
Niacin 500 mg
Ingredients: Niacin USP, vegetable stearine, cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.Contains no yeast; corn; wheat; soya; sugar or other sweeteners; artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.Suggested Use:
One-half to one tablet, one to two times daily during or after a meal (i.e., breakfast and dinner), or as directed by physician. As a general guideline when substituting Niatab 500 for crystalline niacin, use Niatab 500 at 1/2 to 2/3 of the level used for crystalline niacin.
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