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Vitamin C Powder 1 lb Powder (00234)

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Price: $35.80
Item Number: MM-234
Brand: Metabolic Maintenance
Manufacturer Part No: 234
Condition: New
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The need for additional Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is increased during periods of emotional, psychological or physiological stress.
During this time urinary excretion of Vitamin C is increased.
The functions of Vitamin C in the human body are very diverse.
It participates in the synthesis of collagen by hydroxylating proline to form hydroxyproline, the major protein from which connective tissue, cartilage, bone, skin, tendon and tooth dentin is made.
It desaturates fatty acids, acts as an antioxidant, increases absorption of nonheme iron and oxidates Phenylalanine and Tyrosine.
Vitamin C also promotes resistance to infections by boosting the immune system.
We use only USP quality (99.5% or higher purity) Vitamin C.
We provide a
teaspoon scoop (1 gram dose) for your convenience.
pH = 2.3.
Directions: 1/4 teaspoon (1000 mg) into water
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